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  • Allison


    Engineer by day and writer by night. Here’s to putting myself out there.

  • Bill Adler

    Bill Adler

    An American writer in Japan, editor of The Binge-Watching Cure books, author of the bestselling book, Outwitting Squirrels. Occasional pilot, 24/7 cat owner.

  • Mary DeVries

    Mary DeVries

    Writing, wondering, and wandering across three continents. Living, Learning, and Laughing along the way. https://tinyurl.com/MaryDeVries

  • Jean Campbell

    Jean Campbell

    Writer in true crime, humor and poetry. For more, check out my web page at https://jxcampbell.com

  • Dani Mahrer

    Dani Mahrer

    Full time renewable energy professional, free time snarky writer.

  • Mark Farrar

    Mark Farrar

    Former IT professional turned writer, I write about self-help, my travel experiences, and both flash fiction and haiku. Founder of https://SelfHelpNirvana.com/

  • Stefan Grieve

    Stefan Grieve

    British writer based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Chairperson of writing group ‘’Wakefield Word.’

  • Sally Ito

    Sally Ito

    is a poet who translates life into words.

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