The simplicity of a pencil.

My favourite tool for writing is my pencil.

Connecting my heart and my writer’s voice.

I have memories of childhood hours sitting at the side of the house on warm summer days. HB pencil & Huge notebook were my tools of choice.

It was nurse stories, inspired by Cherry Ames or Sue Barton books that fuled my passion to write.

Father, you still give me the words when I take the time to slow down, pick up my pencil and listen for the stories you want me to tell.

Thank you that I get to…

giving ourselves permission to grieve

February has been a sad month. A month where our family had two deaths. One expected and one tragic.

I learned the emptiness of grief.

I gave myself permission to do nothing.

I gave myself permission to write or not to write.

I gave myself permission to just be in the moment.

I hide behind emojis these days . Mostly grins or grimaces.

I gave myself permission to share my grief .

Today , dear daughter-in-law I was able to be honest .

Our typed messages included teary emojis that acknowledged that I am, that we are not OK.

By sharing the grief our…

there is a difference.

Are you searching or seeking?

If from there you seek the Lord , you will find Him, if you seek for Him with all your heart and with all your soul.

Deuteronomy 4:29

Search is where we look . Seek is what we are looking for.

In the midst of this pandemic we are looking for answers to the confusion .

We are looking for relief . We want it all to end .

The endless news cycle exhausts me .

The restrictions cause me to feel like I am in an endless rerun of the…

Linda Fode

Writer,content creator,mentor and motivational speaker. Inspiring others to have a real relationship with God in their everyday lives.

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